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Structured Network Cabling Installers in Winnipeg, MB

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Winnipeg Data Network Cabling Installation (ethernet cabling) using Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 cable installation
  • Voice / Telephone Wiring & Cabling Installation
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • Fiber Optic installation in Winnipeg and surrounding areas
  • Business phone systems
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Data Wiring & Network Installation
  • Winnipeg WiFi / Wireless Network Installation | WLAN Networking Setup | Access Point Installer
  • Winnipeg Security Camera Installation (CCTV, IP Security Cameras, Wireless Cameras, & Video Surveillance Install)
  • Alarm System Cabling & Installation
  • Audio / Video Cabling & Wiring for Winnipeg and surrounding areas
  • Line of Sight Solutions

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Following is a list of data cabling, network cabling/wiring and fiber optic contractors and installers serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas who are ready to provide you with free site surveys and estimates.


TnD is a tech solution provider for IT and telecom. TnD holds WSIB and Liability insurance 5M Our ability to be flexible to customer’s needs and do what we promise sets us ahead in the market place. Our services includes IT Smart hand services through out Canada Structured cabling, Cat 53, Cat 6 Coax Fiber Network Equipment installation Modem, Router, switches WAP VOIP and analog phone Field Service Support testing, turn-up and cut-over Professional installations of Security Camera

Our list of Winnipeg voice and data cabling & Winnipeg network cabling installation companies offer structured cabling for solutions for voice / data cabling & network wiring services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, including network wiring & voice/data cable installation services for Anola, Argyle, Arnaud, Aubigny, Beaconia, Beausejour, Belair, Blumenort, Brunkild, Carlowrie, Carman, Cartier, Dacotah, Domain, Dufresne, Dufrost, Dugald, East Braintree, East Selkirk, East St Paul, Elie, Elm Creek, Elma, Fannystelle, Fort Alexander, Garson, Ginew, Giroux, Glenlea, Grand Marais, Grande Pointe, Great Falls, Grunthal, Gunton, Hadashville, Hazelridge, Headingley, Homewood, Howden, Ile des Chenes, Inwood, Kleefeld, Komarno, La Barriere, La Broquerie, La Salle, Lac du Bonnet, Landmark, Libau, Lockport, Lorette, Lowe Farm, Macdonald, Malonton, Marchand, Marius, Marquette, Matlock, Mitchell, Morden, Morris, New Bothwell, Newton Siding, Niverville, Oak Bluff, Oak Point, Oakbank, Oakville, Otterburne, Pine Falls, Plum Coulee, Poplar Point, Powerview, Reinfeld, Richer, River Hills, Roland, Rosa, Rosenfeld, Rosenort, Rosser, Sandilands, Sandy Hook, Sanford, Scanterbury, Schanzenfeld, Seddons Corner, Selkirk, Seven Sisters Falls, Sperling, Springfield, Springstein, St Adolphe, St Ambroise, St Andrews, St Eustache, St Francois Xavier, St Germain South, St Jean Baptiste, St Malo, - and surrounding areas.